Thursday, September 25, 2008

Okay, I give

Of course, I do have tons more to write about Italy, but there are a few more pressing issues at the moment related to current events.

The first event is the awesomeness that is the Twins.  I went down to the dome last night, where the dollar dome dogs were gone by the first inning.  We scored our tix from some shady dude for over half off the face value, so that wasn't bad.  Nick Blackburn pitched fairly well, though he did get himself into and out of some serious trouble.  I'll also admit that Joe Nathan really is starting to scare me...not in a Boof way where he might somehow give up 17 runs to a single batter, but Joe's ability to consistently strike out batters has waned as of late.

Anyway, pretty excited about tonight's game - first place is just 1/2 game away!  Slowey is taking the mound against Floyd - both pitchers are coming off 5 earned run outings on 9/20, so it will be interesting to see who rebounds.  Go Twins!

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