Friday, August 08, 2008

Malls and stealing

Most links in this post come, directly or indirectly, from bb.

Okay, of course those two words (stealing and malls) are not related, but let's start with the second - stealing. 20 things I've stolen:

1. I took an extra napkin from a Taco Bell for unspecified use “later.”
2. I sat on a bench on a hot day, enjoying the breeze as the man next to me fanned himself.
3. I read the headlines of a newspaper that was for sale in a kiosk box.
4. I divided a single-serving DingDong in two, and had it for dessert on two consecutive days.
5. I listened all the way through to a Metallica song emanating from my neighbor’s radio, but closed my window when the commercial came on.
I personally think the future of malls is pretty interesting - they will either transform or become the abandoned buildings our grandchildren explore.

And I can't link to it due to the intentionally archaic nature of, but there's some cool stories about closed malls in Minnesota, such as Bandana Square and Knollwood Mall. I guess Knollwood Mall still technically exists, it just doesn't draw like it used to. I can distinctly remember begging my mom to take me to Knollwood for the baseball card shows they had on the weekends, and then getting annoyed when it turned out that she'd rather go to Kohls.

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