Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cutting costs

Just a pile of list on how to frugalize your life.


carson said...

You could almost label it "how to fuck people while saving a bit of money" or "pay for things? Shit why not just steal them". Frugalize. Here's my list:

Shop lift apples, do not pay for something GOD provides.

Sneak into movies with the credit card trick, or pay for one and see four in the same day without leaving the theatre, don't feel bad, those actors make millions.

Internet and email, there's wifi all over town. Just let your neighbors pay for it, it's the neighborly thing to do!

antonymous said...

Carson - I didn't realize how much I was screwing people over by using the library and buying in bulk rather than pre-packaged. Hooray!

And if you want an extra tip for screwing over actors, here's one: with TV actors, you don't HAVE to buy the sponsors' products! It's like I'm stealing every time I turn on the ol' boob tube!

Also, if you're looking to pirate wireless internet, here's how to build a powerful antenna out of a pringles can if you want. You can pick up signals for miles...I'm sure your neighbors are really going to be pissed that you're doing it though, so I suggest giving them a fruitcake each time you update your myspace page. It eases the tension.

carson said...

The later bits in the list aren't so bad, but seriously "hiding chicken beneath a salad" "ringing up pluots as plums" and "stealing hot sauce or other condiments from restaraunts" seems half assed. Shit syphon someones gas so you're paying zero instead of four bucks, take their purse so you don't have to buy another chapstick or eat their cat instead of going out to the new exotic restaraunt.
These people seem proud to be ripping off co-ops by paying the 'regular' instead of 'organic' price. Round of applause america, round of applause.