Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tasty treats

Yeah, I know I'm posting this on April Fools Day, but I'm totally serious. I ate worms last night. Oh, and some crickets. They were actually pretty good. I think it was for art or something like that, because Kate made all the food, and there were a bunch of MCAD students over at her place. The actual ratio of weird food to normal food was quite small, so the actual bugs were more of a garnish than anything.

So the mealworms were fried and rolled with avacado, cucumber, and a white cheese (can't remember what kind, sorry). The actual worms tasted kinda nutty, but that might have been just the flavor of the oil they were fried in. The sushi was really quite good.

Our next course was waxworms on top of a pizza. We fried the mealworms as well, and put them on a pizza with some tomatoes and other toppings. The pizza turned out pretty good, though it was a little sloppy since we had to cut it into so many pieces (there were about 20 people there).

Last up was cricket croquettes. I've never made croquettes before, but it was messy and fun. We took a handful of this mashed-potato-type mixture, put a leaf of spinach on top, put a few crickets on top of the leaf of spinach, then folded the potato slop over the spinach and rolled it in flour and bread crumbs. Then, of course, we fried it. It was messy, but I'd like to try it again (hopefully without the crickets). The crickets took forever to prepare, since you have to tear off their wings and legs beforehand.

All in all, it was a good time, and the overall bugness wasn't overwhelming. Hooray!

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