Monday, February 04, 2008

Yes, yes

I know, it's been FOREVER + 1 DAY since I rapped at ya, but you know how it goes. First off, I wasn't sure which team I disliked more for the Super Bowl, but I guess I'm glad the Giants pulled it off. Between the oh-so-perfect Pats, and the I'm-too-good-for-San-Diego Manning, this was the first Super Bowl in awhile that I didn't have a team I even kinda liked.

But the real reason for this blog posting - tomorrow is SUPER TUESDAY. You. Need. To. Vote.


Obama is the real deal. There are just too many good folk who agree with me. Hillary is NOT the real deal. We can't afford 4 more years of politics as usual.

Near where I live, the following folks (among others that I've forgotten - sorry!) are called out to vote at the school on 26th and Pleasant, I think: Anton, Carol, Kate, Chris, Ben, Robyn, Patrick, Katrina, Laura, Amanda.

These people need to vote at the school on 26th and Emerson: Mom, Matt B., Matt C., Annie, Brian. If you're in MN, click this link to find out where to vote.

Carson, Stacey, and Treg, you are also being called out. Find your own polling center, but get out and do it. Seriously, close the store for like 5 minutes and go vote. Tell all your customers to do the same. Nate and Susannah in NY - do your part and don't let Hillary get a free pass in your state.

The biggest thing at stake - you really don't want me to work for a Green Party candidate again this year, do you?? You know how depressing that gets? It's like playing for the Cubs - people cheer you on privately, but no one cares that you lose every year.

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carson said...

Shit I thought it was super wednesday?!?!?! And I was buried in dreamcast games... so what happened?