Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sewn up

Some little things I tolerate. You know, like when I run out of OJ in the morning, I know I could go to Super America and get some, but I'd much rather do without and get it at the Wedge later.

So when I lose a button from one of my favorite shirts, it's not the end of the world. I just don't wear that shirt.

But when my BACKUP favorite shirt exhibits the same behavior, it's time to DO SUM BOUT DIS.

So I went to Target and picked up some kind of beginner's sewing kit. I mean, this thing had the works - 10 spools of multicolored thread, 10 needles, some pins, a mini-grabber thing, wobbly measuring tape, and a stuffed animal version of a tomato, mysteriously attached at birth to a stuffed animal version of a strawberry. I'm pretty frightened as to where this whole GMO thing is headed - this is clearly Exhibit A. Also, there must have been a factory mix-up because they also included a Monopoly playing piece. It wasn't the dog, or even the top hat, just that stupid bucket with the little dents all over the bottom and sides. I've never played Monopoly with ANYONE who wanted to be the bucket.

So with the help of Youtube and the How To wiki, I now have one more shirt with the proper number of buttons, and one more to go. The first button only took me like 23 minutes, so I expect the next one to take at least double that. Is it normal for me to be afraid to wash these shirts now? I mean, that's my last backup button for each, and if I lose it in the washer, I'm all washed up.

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Anonymous said...

You wear shirts with buttons? Yikes! How about that thingy in the kit that helps you thread the needle? Did you figure that out or think it was a weird too! BTW that monopoly piece is called a thimble. You're suppose to put it on the finger that pushes the needle into the fabric so you don't stick yourself and bleed all over your shirt. Your Aunt Barbara inherited the one used by your Irish great-grandmother. Must have some symbolic meaning that it's in Monopoly too.