Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back to the 612

What's up players? That's good to hear. I just got back from Los Angeles and San Diego, and oh my goodness it is cold here. The trip was pretty fun, and I got to experience my first real rush-hour-on-Friday California traffic jam! But at least I got to sit in it in a brand new Prius, which was awesome. Seriously people, this thing is a SPACECAR.

First thing you notice about this car is that there are NO KEYS. It's just one of those lock-unlock remotes, but you stick it in this slot where the keys would go if you had any. So how do you start the car? I'm glad you asked. You press this button marked Power, just like a computer or a XBOX 360 or some such. Ya gotta hold it in for a second though, as the first time I got in I just pushed it once and the dash lit up. I figured it was running Windows and had to reboot, so I held the button down and then it worked.

It also had this crazy screen that showed how the power was flowing from the wheels back to the battery while you coasted. The touchscreen also found you a radio station and did some other weird stuff, but did NOT TELL YOU WHAT DIRECTION YOU WERE TRAVELING IN. I mean, seriously, this computer tells me how many miles to the gallon I'm getting, how much battery power I have, what the local radio stations are, what my estimated taxes are in 2007, but it can't display a compass? Anyway, I made it all the way from LA to San Diego in about 3 hours, and only used one little electronic bar of gas. The car rental guy in San Diego was psyched about the car and told me they didn't have any Prius's (what IS the plural of Prius?) down there. He only charged me for one gallon of gas for my 130 miles that I drove, too.

Of course, the rest of San Diego was pretty awesome, except I always forget that it's not 70 degrees and sunny all day, so I didn't have any long sleeves. I just assume it's Cali and everyone is wearing bikinis all day.

I'll hit ya with some more of this blogtastic action later.

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