Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Random stuff

Personal nostalgia: check these pics of the Mac and Windows operating systems. Of course, cool kids like me were using Macs since System 6.0.6.

Interesting legal case, soon to be decided in Sweden. Does The Pirate Bay, which is the #1 Bittorrent search engine, facilitate infringement? You know that they don't host any copyrighted data on their servers (they got raided last year, and had the servers returned within a couple of days). They just let people search torrent files for ones they want to download.

And that's just the Swedish authorities. Prince is going after Youtube, the Pirate Bay, AND the advertisers on the Pirate Bay. I don't get Prince. One moment he's giving away CDs for free, and the next he's pulling stuff like this. Whatevs, Prince, just keep playing concerts and keep making money, sheesh.

Next up: the OLPC project hits the wall. The Wall Street Journal that is, BOOYAH. Gee, but guess which companies are suddenly in a rush to design their own cheap laptops? Intel and Microsoft. I'm sure they would never dream of flexing their muscles to dissuade the developing world from purchasing these OLPC laptops. And I'm sure that they would never use that leverage to promise to create a product, then back out at the last second. They just wouldn't do that, Intel and Microsoft are too sweet.

Mark Cuban has several posts on why he hates P2P. "Waaah, I'm a crybaby and want to control everything myself and P2P is making the internet so slow for the rest of my neato web 2.0 applications!" Sorry, Mark, but I fail to see how ISPs unwillingness to upgrade last-mile infrastructure is my problem. I'm also sorry that it interferes with your theoretical business model. I'm also sorry that your Dallas Mavericks have lost 3 in a row and will lose to my Timberpups on Wednesday.

Until next time, don't stop believin'

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