Monday, September 17, 2007

New poll

At the behest of Kelly, I have put up a new poll. In bizarro-land, where Kelly and Megan live, I was being bombarded by accusations of sexism, so I've decided to run with that theme this week.

And yes, that's pretty much every celebrity that I can think of, aside from OJ, Britney, that one girl that hangs out with Paris Hilton and is pregnant, and David Hasselhoff.


Megan said...

Um... this is a weird poll, Anton.

antonymous said...

Thanks! I totally voted for Shakira, but was disappointed at the lack of options.

Oh, and I totally spelled celebrities wrong too and I can't change it. Ouch.

knielsen said...

I think you should marry Jenna von Oy... she played Six on "Blossom." She talked fast and wore cool hats.

carson said...

Damn Anton, you're going TMZ on me. I was looking for something meaningful on the web.