Friday, September 21, 2007

Fantasy Football

I suspect that none of my faithful readers play, but if you do, and your running backs are named Larry Johnson, Marion Barber, Chester Taylor, Ahman Green, and Derrick Ward: which are your best two this week? I think I'm leaning toward LJ and Barber, but they're playing MIN and CHI defenses, who don't give up much. Plus I like having a player in the Sunday night game (Chicago and Dallas), as it gives me extra incentive to watch what will probably be a good game.

Bonus points for WRs Boldin v. Galloway...

Also, Keira Knightly has stormed back to tie Shakira in the polls! I personally think I'm a better match for Shakira, who, according to my sources, is really smart and very generous. She's pretty too. I guess they both are, right?

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