Monday, July 30, 2007

Mark Cuban on my earlier post

Last week I wrote about how crazy it is that we can't get faster internet speeds, due largely to monopolies created through deregulation. Well, apparently Mark Cuban is reading my blog, because he chimes in on how telcos could offer better services through intranet applications:
The typical provider throttles you down from the maximum not because they cant support more speed on their network, but because they cant deliver more speed on to the INTERNET. If you get your Internet access from the same provider that you get digital TV from , that provider is already providing you more than 1gbs of throughput of service. Yep, there are 10s of millions of people who get more than 1gbs of throughput of traffic to their home. We just call it digital TV. All those channels that you can flip to take up a huge amount of bandwidth in aggregate. The limit on the amount of bandwidth they give you for Internet is not a physical limit , its a limit based on software, technology and business decisions.


Software is emerging that allows applications to be written that are optimized for very high speed. But those applications can only leverage high speeds on the broadband providers INTRANET. There is no network provider on the planet that can guarantee 100mbs throughput to some random website somewhere in the world. ' Put that website on the same physical network that you buy your Internet service from and in the next couple years your provider will be able to guarantee quality of service of 100mbs

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