Friday, June 08, 2007

slow posting

Sorry about the lack of posting this week...two days off requires a bit of catch-up, plus I've been hard at work on a top-secret personal project, to be revealed later...

Oh, but those of you who know about my future business plans of a patent-trolling company - I came across this and thought it's a pretty "good" idea. Good as in hopefully forcing an overhaul of our existing backwards patent system.

Basically what this company does is find vulnerabilities in software (usually fixed by the updates you're always downloading for Windows or Internet Explorer, for example), writes a patch for them, then patents the patch, so when the original vendor finally gets around to writing their OWN patch, they have to pay this IP firm lots and lots of money. Sound ridiculous? That's America, baby!

Also, here's a walkthrough of the newly-minted Creation Museum. I'm so there. When evidence of our civilization is discovered by someone else someday, this will be the head-scratcher..."they thought humans lived alongside dinosaurs, and that coal was created in mere weeks?" Brilliant!

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