Monday, June 18, 2007


Caution: parts of this movie will make you want to move. I'm sure the conservative critics of the film will be happy if you do.

How could anyone make an interesting, touching movie about health care? I have no idea, but Michael Moore did it. I highly recommend seeing it. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to see it or not (it sounded so depressing and un-sexy!), but when I heard it leaked on the internet before the release date, that pushed me over the top. Hey, if everyone else is seeing it, why shouldn't I? Isn't technology great?

Moore allows the subjects of this film to speak their own minds, interjecting himself only when necessary, and keeping the subject relatively free from academic clutter - there's a definite lack of wonkish stats, but the basics are included.

Yes, I'm sure once the movie is officially released there will be plenty of definitely makes socialized medicine glamorous, but points out the many flaws in the system over here in the United States.

I'm too tired to blog more about it, but it's definitely worth checking out, and will hopefully make the topic of health care a campaign issue in the coming year.

Hell, even Fox News might be on to something...they gave it a pretty good review!


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