Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NBA draft, KG, etc.

Okay, okay...there's some pretty wild speculation out there regarding trading KG. Let me tell ya something: I'm going to cry like a little girl if we trade him. He is the *soul* of our franchise, and no amount of draft picks, "upside", or salary cap relief can make up for this. Give him another year here, try to build a contender (yes, the James for Howard trade was a great start), and let the fans here in Minny enjoy him for one more year. Who knows, something might give and we could have a contender on our hands! My main beef is obviously with our front office, who have not exactly done a very good job getting good players to play with KG. On top of that, getting rid of Flip 2 years ago was a huge mistake, and our refusal to hire an experienced coach like Adelman will haunt us even if we do make the playoffs this year.

Here's a cool article written by someone who has played against many of the players who are going to be drafted

And my 2 favorite NBA-draft related sites. And another 2 great MN-related basketball sites, and even a mainstream site that's good.

Yes, I follow this stuff religiously.

I have so much stuff I want to speculate on right now, but I think I'll just wait it out...here's to hoping KG stays! And that we draft Corey Brewer! Or move down and take Acie Law! Or trade our pick for a real veteran who can actually help us!

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