Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sarkozy on The World

PRI's The World had a great story last night about the election of Sarkozy in France. At least it was uplifting to me...I wish there was a transcript available, but I can't find it online. Instead, you'll get the joys of paraphrasing!

First of all, the story discusses France's history of opposition to American power, and that Sarkozy recognizes that there is strong anti-Bush sentiment in France. However, the story goes on to point out how ridiculous it is that America has closer ties to leaders like Vladimir Putin than with the leaders of countries like France.

Often overlooked: France ranks third in its contribution of troops to NATO.

I don't think this means that France's anti-Bush sentiment is going to subside, by any means. I think it makes France once again an attractive geopolitical ally, rather than that one Core country that will oppose everything the United States does.

I like elections in other countries. It's sorta like the NFL draft - you never really know what you're going to get until the player is on the field, but the change always feels like an immediate upgrade. We're also getting another upgrade at a skill position, with Blair stepping down, and I'm really excited at our future prospects for QB (U.S. president) of this team. Once Bush hands over the reigns, things can really get into gear again.

Also, Washington Post story here.

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