Tuesday, May 22, 2007

NBA draft lottery preview

Okay, so you may or may not know that the NBA draft lottery is tonight. That's when they take all the ping-pong balls, put them in a giant hopper, then declare that the team with the biggest market gets the first overall pick. Honestly, I'd be happy even with the second pick, and I'd actually RATHER have the second pick, because choosing between Oden and Durant is an unenviable task. Anyway, here is how the actual draft is going to go (click for bigger picture):


Anonymous said...

At first I wasn't sure who the artist was, but after closer inspection,the Novell and Law tabs sealed the case.

Anton. You should really think of persuing a career in graphic design or maybe even graphic re-design. The hair is amazing. Tell Julie to give you some more briefs to organize.


antonymous said...

Perhaps since Web 2.0 is so focused on tagging and whatnot, Web 3.0 can be focused on the addition of content to existing webpages using MS Paint. I mean, a scribble here or there, and it's a whole new page.

Too bad it didn't help the Wolves this year any...in fact, I'd say we're in much worse shape than Boston or Memphis, simply because the teams with the top two picks are in our division...