Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More fun things

Here's what's jockeying for position in my brain today:

Diebold? More like Denied-bold. Zing!

Which leads to open-source government...which leads to some articles!

I haven't quite decided how to grade Iran on their recent PR stunt. I mean, they've got a dialogue open regarding their citizens being held by the US. Britain convinced the United States to keep to itself on this issue. Iran is releasing the hostages because they decided not to press charges...I'd give Iran 8.0/10.0 on the "what you gon' do about it?" scale and a 9/10 for Iran and Britain for keeping the whole thing "behind the scenes" (aka not letting media meddle with delicate international relations - at least not beyond their obvious human-interest angle). Bush gets an 8/10 for keeping his trap shut (and for agreeing to talk about a release of American-held Iranians - held since January. Okay, he's not actually considering their release, but he's considering letting them talk to Iranian representatives. Oh, the concessions we make!).

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