Monday, April 23, 2007

I hate when he does this

But what I do like is the potential for the 2k8 preznit race to be between two very smart dudes. And maybe Hillary, but I hope not. Tom's column on Rudy makes me feel like I could almost vote for him, but of course, this article is completely lacking in any kind of policy analysis.

Could I really vote Republican?? That's not really the question. The question is: could a Republican who believes in gay rights and abortion rights actually win the Republican nomination? Not to mention the divorces, the fact that he doesn't talk to his son, etc. A man's personal life is his business, and yes, not being able to maintain relationships with those close to you is a definite strike against you, but it's not the basis of a presidential candidacy. I like people who can think, analyze, and make decisions for themselves.

Either way, our next president is going to look like a brilliant intellectual in comparison to the current administration. It would be a difficult decision to make - the populist Obama, or the experienced Rudy?

Honestly though, I'd rather make a difficult decision between two good candidates than have another polarizing race between good and evil.

Strike against Rudy - a consistent cheerleader for the President's handling of Iraq? Not sure where they got that info, but let's hope that line is just out of context...

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