Thursday, March 15, 2007

VCU vs. Duke

That was a great game. Wow. Watching Duke lose in the first round was shockingly beautiful, but I think we all saw it coming - they had a terrible year. For some reason, I hate Paulus - seems like a guy who is a little too full of himself. Great effort by Maynor, VCU's point guard who came up big. I'd like to see VCU be this year's George Mason!


carson said...

How do you like Boston? I have them in some random office nonsense and I could win a day off. Any chance?

antonymous said...

I liked Boston College lots more midseason, but they cut their best player for "conduct detrimental to the team" or something like that. Still, they beat a Bobby Knight team, so they can't be all that bad. A betting man's money is still on Florida to win it all.