Sunday, March 11, 2007

Celebrity foods

These are possible foods for our future celebrity-themed dinner party (aka Rosie O'Dinner aka Shaquille O'Meal).

Britney Asparagus Spears

Daunte Culpepperjack Cheese

Alicia Keys Lime Pie

Christina Arugula Salad

Pumpernickelback Bread (tastier than Stevie Wonder Bread)

Maury Poviched Eggs

Connie Kung Pao Chicken

RigaToni Tony Tone (thanks, Kel!)

Katie Couric Curry

Jerry Springer Rolls


Bobby Hashbrown

Catherine Ziti-Jones

A Mark Wheat pasta with Mary Lucia sauce?? (yes, it's a stretch, but I don't want Halley all mad at me for not including it. I'm trying to remember what others we decided weren't quite good enough...)

Milli Vanilla Ice Cream

Johnny Cashews

Kobe Bryant Beef

Johnnie Veggie Depp

Master Pea Soup

Jennifer Gardner Salad

Salt-n-Pepa Chips

Alyssa Milano Cookie

Martin Shortcake

Jackson Brownie

Wow, great work team! You rock!

So far, I think Alicia Keys Lime Pie is my favorite, with its main rival being Maury Poviched/Poached Eggs.


Kelly A said...

RigaToni Tony Tone

Carol said...

Good one Kelly!

Connie Kung Pow Chicken

Katie Curry Curry are the only other ones I can currently remember....

Halley said...

Catherine Ziti Jones

And actually Ann Curry of the Today Show is better than the Katie Couric Curry

Halley said...

a Mark Wheat pasta with a Mary Lucia sauce?

Carol said...

what about tim curry?

Halley said...

Here are some from Saturday:
Kobe Bryant Beef
Johnny Veggie Depp
Master Peas or Master Pea Soup
And I am sure you didn't purposely leave out the Jennifer Gardner Salad.
And some more since I have so much time on my hands:
Salt n Peppa Chips
Aylissa Milano Cookie
Martin Short-cake
Jackson Brownie

We could just do Mark Wheat bread- but that would be too much bread.

Halley said...

And we can have Milli Vanilla Ice Cream and Johnny Cash-ews with the Jackson Brownie. And now I am really getting back to work.

antonymous said...

Oh my you creative kids! And Carol, such accusations regarding the Jennifer Gardner Salad will not be tolerated! I do really like Milli Vanilla Ice Cream, Johnny Cash-ews, and the Master Pea Soup. It's going to take me awhile to add all these to the blog entry!

antonymous said...

Oops, I totally thought Carol was making those accusations about Jennifer Gardner Salad. I was wrong. First time THAT'S happened!

Celebrity Foods said...

Love the list. Very witty. You have covered so many, that I couldn't think of an original on off the top of my head.