Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ah, forgotten blogs

Random stuff from websites I used to read a long time ago, and that I have now vowed to read more often:

Slate has a nifty little capsule of "what's going on in other magazines" such as the New Yorker, Newsweek, the Weekly Standard, the Nation, etc. Of course, they also provide links to the content, which is a surprisingly excellent use of this web-phenomena called "linking". Not sure if this is a one-time deal or if it's updated frequently. Guess I'll find out if I actually bookmark slate!

Remember Gawker? Yeah, they're like an entire blog-empire now. Is that a blogpire? New word, anyone? Anyway, Gawker is good for gossip, discovering / stalking celebrity crushes, and just being smarmy. Use infrequently, and in small doses. Gawker is all about making fun of their rivals. Ooh, but guess what? Slate can fight back like it's 2004! Now that it's actually 2007, we can accurately say that these blogmags (or "blags" - another new word?) can safely occupy two different blog-niches (or "bliches").

More to come later, once I catch up on some actual work. I mean, reading. I mean, work.

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