Monday, February 19, 2007

Yay Monday.

Or as some call it, Preznit's day. Unfortunately, I'm working instead of paying homage to my shrine of James K. Polk . Actually, I guess I'm making dead presidents right now, so that counts, right?

You know what's more fun than a barrel full of monkey butts? Tracking packages! Ohmigod I could do this all day. I ordered two things, a shirt and poster from Homestar Runner, and a refurbished nano from the Apple Store (they're relatively cheap - 75 bucks, which is less than a new Shuffle of comparative gigabyteness). My old-school faux-ipod (that's iRiver to those in the know) that I have right now seems to get builkier with each new song I put on it. I'm pretty much constantly refreshing for both of them. I gave Homestar a bit of a head start (ordered last thursday, as opposed to last night with Apple), so we'll see who wins. At this juncture, Homestar is estimated to arrive at my house on the 22nd, while the Apple package will show up on the 23rd. Can the forces of Apple defeat the fluoride sting of the Homestarmy? Stay tuned!


carson said...

I hope you went with the "Bear holding a shark" but I guess it's only an opinion.

Kelly A said...

Hey, if the iRiver is still working, I'll totally take it off your hands........ Kinda like a reverse birthday present. Instead of giving YOU something, you can give ME something I originally gave you. Just an idea, unless of course you still want to use it. I no longer have an mp3 player, as I sold my ipod to breezy.

antonymous said...

Actually Carson, I went with the bright green Coach Z shirt, as it was on sale. These peoples try to fade me!

And Kelly, yes, I will consider getting your iRiver back to you, since it works perfectly now that it's been in the magical hands of Anton for awhile. It's too big to bring to the Y anyway.