Monday, February 26, 2007

Library, headphones, movies, A.G.

You know what's difficult to use? The Minneapolis Public Library remote journal search. At least today, it's giving me lots of hiccups. That, plus I forgot my PIN, and had to spend about 5 minutes guessing until I figured it out. In the true spirit of idiocy, I will NOT write it down now that I've remembered it. The best part? I'm doing a search for a journal called Global Crime - I'm probably on some sort of library watchlist now, and I'll be strip-searched anytime I go to the library. Also, doing this search results in 55 different journals related to global crime! Sounds like a neat topic, I'll check it out today if I have time.

Why did no one ever tell me how great these white Apple headphones sounded before? I feel like it was some kind of secret that the world wouldn't tell me. You mean I can have bass with my hip-hop? Why thank you, year 2001. I promise to never make fun of white-headphone-wearing people ever again. Though I wish they made these things in black, that way I can be a black sheep! I'm hilarious on so many levels.

Looking for a funny movie? I recommend "Fight Back to School". It's funny. It'll be back at the video store soon, don't worry. I've heard there are sequels as well, but I cannot attest to the quality of these. Like most sequels, I'd imagine they're bad.

I can't stop listening to this album for some reason - there are a few duds, but also some real bangers.

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