Friday, February 02, 2007

Iraq links, NBA ramblings

Some days (like today), I wish I could just spend my entire day reading different things on the internet. I'd like to read this report, but it's 140 pages. John Robb linked to it the other day in this post:
Most of the good thinking on the war in Iraq is moving towards "containment of a chaotic civil war" instead of counter-insurgency. Counter-insurgency to prop up a democratic government can't work in an environment where there isn't a center (the middle class has already departed the country in a massive 2 million refugee rush for the border) and everyone remaining is a member of a radicalized faction. Anyone still thinking about counter-insurgency today is a year or more behind the power curve of the war.
In other news, Carmelo Anthony did not make the All-Star team, but still may due to injuries to Yaoza and The Booze. I have this thing against Carmelo - not exactly sure what it is, but I can't stand the guy. Is it because he plays for the Nuggets? Is it his swagger? Then I figured it out - it's because he's always mentioned in the same breath with LeBron and Wade. Yes, 'Melo is the NBA's leading scorer. Yes, he was involved in a huge fight and was suspended 15 games (it's those games he missed, not the fight itself, which should keep him off the All-Star team). But in the same class as D-Wade and LeBron?? Not even close!

It reminds me of how several years ago, everyone was comparing 3 similar players again: Kobe, T-Mac, and Vince Carter. I can remember thinking: how the hell does VC get mentioned in the same breath as the other two? Bryant and McGrady were (are) the dominant players at their position, and I could name several SG/SFs that I would've taken over Carter at the time.

And as long as I'm looking it up, there are lots of rosters from 2001 which, if together today, would be instant contenders for an NBA title. Imagine the Bulls: Brad Miller, Ron Artest, Eddy Curry, Trenton Hassell, Jamal Crawford. Okay, I guess the Bulls are missing a couple of pieces there, but how about the Warriors: Gilbert Arenas, Larry Hughes, Antawn Jamison, Jason Richardson, and at PF/C - Foyle/Murphy/Dampier/Fortson. Not too shabby. Even the Grizz are two injuries away (Bryant Reeves and Michael Dickerson) from being a contender: Jason Williams, Shane Battier, Pau Gasol, Stro Swift.

That's all for now - I'll try to come up with some non-NBA postings soon.

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