Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Subsidies and the American Farmer

Thomas PM Barnett has a good overview of what impact subsidies play on the third world - I haven't read the articles he links to at the top yet, but he says some good things:

We spent $15 billion on ag subsidies in income support or price guarantees. Even with Bush’s “huge” plus up of aid to Africa, that number remains significantly smaller.

Cotton still enslaves, it would seem, and the U.S. Government still plays a rather creepy role in perpetuating that economic disenfranchisement.

And yet we’re so fast to condemn the mercantilist strategies of Chinese trade in Africa, amazingly enough. They’re just stingy, while we seem closer to rip-off artists on this one--and anti-market at that.

If Africans can grow cheaper than Americans, then they should reap the benefits of that status. Denying that outcome is just cheating, plain and simple.


carson said...

I want to hear your opinion on Ze Germans trying to hold us accountable, as my aspirations someday are to be essentially banned from a country or the EU.

Anonymous said...

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