Friday, January 26, 2007

Stupid templates

New blogger: taking all my links, removing my statcounter, and deleting all the comments that were stored on whatever the site was that was in charge of my comments. You are evil. Yes, I knew this was going to happen so I saved my old template, but I don't like how "easy to use" all this CSS and whatnot is. I can't use my old-school HTML skills to make my links list more sortable? Instead I just throw links up there, with no rhyme or reason to order or sorting by theme? That's ridiculous!!

But it does give me an excuse to pare down my total number of existing links. I'll try to have everything that was up included by the weekend. Can you believe that when I first started to blog, wikipedia only had about 250,000 articles? Now, it's at over 1.6 million articles. My linking to wikipedia clearly enabled it to take off, and now, I think it's time to remove it from my link list. It can stand on its own.

Other sites which are on the verge of being cut off: Google Scholar, Make Magazine (only because I never read it anymore for some reason), Treehugger, Kottke, BoingBoing, and Mark Cuban's blog. Normally Mary would make this list too, as she hasn't updated her blog since November, but I feel guilty about not emailing her, so she'll be put back into the lineup. She will definitely get placed behind Mike's Most Excellent China Blog. Mike also has a couple of articles which were recently published in In These Times, the other in the upcoming February Adbusters. And yes, Adbusters does piss me off by not putting all their content online, thanks for asking.

Also, post a comment or something if you don't like the new blog layout. It's pretty easy to change now that I've switched over, and I'm always willing to accommodate my loyal readers.

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carson said...

I don't know why you bumped me from your links you shady bastard! As such I am obligated to daily comments of self promotion.