Monday, January 29, 2007

Interesting stuff on a monday morning

You know, I think I'm going to start blogging more, now that work can be insanely busy and problem-solving (for today at least) is being complicated. You know - it's like when you focus and tinker with a problem for an hour, then get up to get some OJ, then come back and solve it in 3 minutes because it was so blindingly obvious that you missed it earlier. I've had a recent streak of those types of problems, and I work best when I train my brain on a different topic for a few minutes then come back to it.

Anyway, found an interesting post on a blog I hadn't read before called Zenpundit. It breaks down the differences between two of my favorite current-events authors, John Robb and Thomas PM Barnett. If you follow the above link, be sure to read the two posts linked to on Paul Hartzog's blog - it looks like another one I might be reading more and more of. Be sure to read the first paragraph here to find out what panarchy is (it isn't as anarchism-based as you'd might think, it's just a school of thought that says that the current hierarchy is not set in stone).

Also, I might be purchasing this book soon. It looks really cool. I'm so lame, please send help.

Edit: Dude's name is JOHN ROBB, not Paul Robb. Paul Robb is the Minneapolis musician behind such projects as Information Society (and their hit 1988 song "What's on Your Mind? (Pure Energy)), Think Tank ("A Knife and a Fork" - a Rev105 favorite) and Brother Sun Sister Moon ("The Great Game" "Cairo"). Yes, I did know all that offhand, which makes me really weird.

EDIT #2: Apparently Information Society is re-forming and releasing an album in Brazil in 2007!! Here's their myspace! They're huge in Brazil, apparently...

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