Monday, January 23, 2006

Yet another post

Again, it's been a long time, no? Well, while blogging is something I still don't have time for, I still surf the intraweb from time to time. One site I check out quite a bit is Digg. Here's a link to my profile, which is intantly updated whenever I "Digg" something. A few of my favorites this week:

This "MENSA" test. . I don't know if it's really a MENSA test (I doubt it) - but it's fun to do. Of course, I'm too modest (ha!) to ever post my score, but this test will either make you feel good, or dumb.

This page takes forever to load, but it's good for killing a few minutes while you scroll through all the sweet art.

Also, /. has a good article (and comments) about that new "Artificial Sun" that China is building. This comment is a good primer (though unverified, of course) to the concepts of fusion v. fission and a simplified conceptualization of how fusion plants differ than fission plants.

And as long as I'm throwing out slashdot links like they're going out of style, here's a short discussion of Diebold's vulnerability, and one on the RIAA's oh-so-farsical "Customary Historical Use" for media, and the like.

Wait! I almost forgot the coolest geeky article I've read in awhile! Learn how someone teaches binary arithmetic to third-graders using the Socratic Method (only asking questions).

Okay, that is all for now.

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