Monday, November 14, 2005

More music

Okay, so when I last posted about music, it seems that I neglected to mention several of my favorite new artists. I guess I'm slippin'. But before we get to that, let me point out the great work that's being done by the ILM community in piecing together all the records that were in John Peel's "favorites box".

And a special "no thanks" to whoever the webmaster is for the band Isolee. Okay, so I really like the new album by this band, but their site caused my computer to crash, along with the 20 or so browser windows I had open. I suppose that's what I get for having so many going at once, eh? Since I don't feel like writing more about this band, I'll just second the opinion of pitchfork. Whatever.

If you're into the Avalanches and the Go! Team, you're going to go berserker-rage-stylee over Handsomeboy Technique (no relation to Handsome Boy Modeling School). Unfortunately, you're only going to find it in the "import" section of your favorite record store. Then again, remember when you spent the 20 bucks and bought the Go! Team from the import bin and impressed all your friends with its coolness? And then they released it stateside and suddenly all your friends could get the same record for half the price? It'll be like that. This record is full of fun/funk/sampling/happiness/dancability. Highly recommended.

After a bit more research, that last record probably will not be released in the U.S. anytime soon, so just go ahead and get it already.

And I have no idea how I didn't mention the New Pornographers' Twin Cinema, it's full of pop-hook goodness. I don't listen to it as much as I did when I first got it, but it's still fun to throw on every once in awhile.

It's so difficult to write stuff after having an entire first draft of this post disappear into the nothingness that is the internet. But that's why we link, right? Well, this post may be particularly heavy on the pitchfork links, but there's good reason for it - they write better than I do! Anyway, read what they say about Vitalic, the new Rogue Wave, and Datarock.

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