Friday, October 28, 2005

CSPAN rules

Seriously. I love CSPAN. Anyway, I was watching last night, and was amazed at the amount of outrage that Democrats (among them, Senator Dayton) had over the record-breaking profits of big oil. Aren't you glad you're paying $3 at the pump?

However, if you're like me and all, "I don't drive, why do I care?" - well, there are a lot of people who are going to see increases of around 50% in their home heating bills. The average family is expected to pay over $1500 during this winter for heat. So if you've got any extra money lying around, you might want to consider investing in Big Energy - looks like it's going to be a record-breaking winter!

The best part about CSPAN is their balance. After the Democrats were done making point after point about price-gouging and how Exxon-Mobil had recorded $10B in PROFIT in the last quarter (while federal home heating assistance levels are at a paltry $2.2B for the year), the Republicans, led by their charismatic leader Denny Hastert, "explained" their part of the bill. While the Democrats were full of specifics, I don't think Denny made a single reference to anything particular about the energy bill which recently passed. Nothing. Just the general "this bill will help the American people" b.s.

Anyway, here's a related article for your enjoyment. You read it right: Exxon posts revenues of 45 million dollars an hour!

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