Monday, October 24, 2005

Check out some blogs

Well, check out some blogs besides this one already, sheesh! BoingBoing links to the list of nominees for the "freedom of expression" category of a contest sponsored by Deutsche Welle:
- China Digital Times. A news blog about China that published by expats.

- Chronique d├ęplaisante d'une dictature ordinaire: A French resident in Addis Ababa blogs about repression in Ethiopia, interviews Ethiopian dissidents.

- Manal and Alaa Bit Bucket. Egyptian blog with discussion forum and HOWTO resour, but also a resources for Arabic-speakers who wish set up blogs of their own.

- Wang Yi's microphone. Political and social critique from a China-based writer.

- Hanif Mazrooie. Tha Iranian journalist who writes this blog spent a month in prison because of it last year.

- Parastood. Long-running Iranian blog known for frank criticism.

- Colombian realities. Maintained by an independent Colombian journalist.

- Yahyaoui. Blog penned by former judge Mokhtar Yahyaoui, one of Tunisia's leading political dissidents and uncle of cyber-dissident Zouhair Yahyaoui. His domain was recently rendered unavailable through a hostile "pirate takeover", but is still reachable via wayback machine or google cache.

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