Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ch-ch-check it out

I added (and removed) some links over on the right-hand side. New additions that I've been reading for sometime include and Make magazine. Make's blog is especially good, filled with all kinds of fun DIY projects. I really need to buy the new issue, now that I think about it.

And I haven't read this yet, but I'll take a chance by posting it: an article on food and class.

EDIT: That article above is quite excellent, be sure to read the whole thing:
Historically, people of limited means have tended to scrape by on what's locally available, while the wealthy have used their resources to draw in fancy food from far away. Now, that situation has turned upside down.

Economies of scale brought on by increasing consolidation, vast subsidies, and wholesale, unchecked exploitation of immigrant labor have created a system of cheap, plentiful, and dreadful food.


The article points to three factors contributing to surging child obesity in rural areas: mechanization of farming, the rapid rise of satellite dishes and cable television (which arrived later, but spread much faster, in rural areas than in urban ones), and rising poverty due to the decline in farming and other economic activity.

"The only other place where researchers are finding obesity rates similar to rural America is in the poorest, most troubled urban neighborhoods, suggesting that poverty may be the overriding cause," the article states.

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