Monday, September 26, 2005

New Google Project

Okay, so I just got out of the shower, where I often do some of my best thinking. Anyway, I had this idea, and Google seems like the type of company to be able to do it.

So as I'm in the shower, I start thinking politics, you know, international trade issues and whatnot. Now I half-heartedly belive in the coming decline of American power, as every empire in recent times has lasted roughly 100 years or so, and our time is up soon, right? Then I think of the looming energy crisis, which I usually ponder in the context of increasing demand (from China and India) for the same supply, the peak oil theory, the unprecendented profit-taking of big oil (post anti-trust, of course), etc.

But when most people think of energy, for some reason I think most people think of gas for their cars, but not the energy which is used in other forms of both industry and transportation. I got to thinking about it, and I couldn't help but wondering,"What with the rising cost of shipping goods overseas, doesn't that effectively negate the ever-lowering costs of communication (namely the Internet)? I mean, we can communicate and cooperate with overseas firms more easily, allowing companies to lower b2b costs, (housing of data centers, call centers, etc.), but in terms of actually shipping goods, wouldn't the increasing cost of energy force companies to start producing more products domestically, thereby lowering transportation costs?"

So I tried typing that into Google, and got ZERO matches! Can you believe it? Maybe my initial thinking doesn't make sense, and it's a dumb theory anyway, but my point is that I should be able to bounce some pseudo-intellectual concept against a huge library of information and come up with documents relevant to my EXACT query. I mean, keywords are great, but they never give exactly what I want. I'm capable of having complex thoughts, why aren't computers?

So there it is, another million-dollar idea from my brain. And there aren't even any products to ship, maybe I can hire some web-search gurus in a foreign land to write an algorithm for me on the cheap!

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