Saturday, September 03, 2005

Iraq and Katrina

The subject I should be blogging about (Katrina) is going to take a temporary backseat to one other news item - the war in Iraq. I strongly encourage you to read this blog, which is by far the most insightful commentary on the ongoing insurgency...

And yes, the rumors are true. I'm in the midst of a nasty summer cold, and it's not very fun. This post is being sponsored by massive amounts of tea and insomnia.

A few quick Katrina notes - even CNN is commenting on the discrepancy between what FEMA is saying and the actual situation on the ground, and even is giving ink to the mayor, who is not exactly thrilled with BushCo's slow response to the disaster.

Oh, and I JUST tuned in to CNN about an hour ago, and they were showing the telethon that went on last night (and raised 20 million dollars, I believe), and they showed rapper Kanye West saying some "unscripted" remarks, namely that "George Bush doesn't care about black people" and that when white people were stealing food and water they were "shopping" while black people were clearly "looting". Sorry I don't have a link, but NBC was quick to issue an apology, and I'll be quick to go pick up the new Kanye album, even though I haven't heard a single track off it yet. Go Kanye!

EDIT: Here is a link.

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