Thursday, September 22, 2005

Headed to DC

It's true! I'm going out to DC this weekend and I'm pretty excited. Hopefully we'll actually get some press coverage, though I know it's hard for the media to focus on man-made disasters when we have Hurricane Rita in our own backyard. Anyway, hopefully I will be posting pics to my flickr account when I get back. If you have CSPAN, I believe they will have a constant feed all day during the march on saturday. I mean, you were just going to watch B-movies on UPN all day Saturday anyway. At least flip to CPSAN during a commercial or something. You already know how The Abyss turns out.

Anyhoo, look for the group with the red berets and pink bandanas. No, I'm serious.

EDIT: Why does randomly take my comments away?? If you have any good ideas for a sign that I should bring, let me know. A co-worker of my mom's thought it would be a good idea for a "Circle me, CSPAN" sign (Twins fans know what I'm talking about).

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