Friday, July 29, 2005

Long week

Well, it's been a long week of non-posting for yours truly. Call it what you will, but I promise to make up for it here. Well, perhaps I won't. I can't really concentrate on blogging right now for some reason.

Anyway, just a couple cool things to point out - one is a program called Inkscape, which aims to be the open-source alternative to Adobe Illustrator and that type of program. While this is only version 0.42, it looks promising, so I'm excited for 1.0. This brings the total number of open-source applications that kick ass up to about a million. Others include the GIMP (Photoshop), Firefox (web-browser), Linux (operating system), Wikipedia (encyclopedia), and mo If you're ever like "I wish I had some software that does XYZ, but doesn't cost a huge pile o' money" check out sourceforge.

Some folks have been asking what I've been listening to as of late, and I figured a blog is as good a place as any to tell them...2005 has been a kick-ass year for hiphop, and the year is only half over! Woohoo!

Most recently, I've been digging a couple of Rhymesayers releases, namely the Boom Bap Project and Felt 2. Oh, and I can't forget the new Grayskul release, Deadlivers, it's also quite good. Also earning honorable mention: the new Herbaliser album (Take London), the new(ish) Edan record, Giant Panda, MED. The only real disappointment so far is the new Common album, which I'll admit to not paying enough attention to...I'll give it another listen when I get home tonight, perhaps.

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