Thursday, June 23, 2005

Weird cigarette signs, other stuff

Again, from WMMNA, a collection of Smoking Manners advertisements...some can be quite strange, but they're all really cool:

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And an open-source solution to everyday problems is here...there are plenty of great ideas in here (along with some not so great ones):
While current center brake lights were an improvement over the old left and right brake light system, most standard brake light systems suffer the same weakness... they do not indicate the level of deceleration.

I would propose that car companies should develop a center brake light which behaves similarly to a "level meter". This level meter would probably have about 10 distinct squares of red light. These squares would be illuminated from left to right and more lights would be lit based on the strength of braking and/or deceleration levels.

For emergency braking, a small strobe would be activated to warn drivers behind that emergency braking is taking place ahead of them. This could minimize the possibilities for pile ups and rear end collisions.

Thanks to for the following: Design cliches
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The Lightbulb

It’s burned out. Should not be used to indicate ideas, innovation, intelligence …
If this is your bright idea, you’re not very bright.
Could be used to indicate: light
In other news, someone out there still reads Spin magazine! And they put out a "best records of 85-05" - Radiohead's OK Computer, naturally, is the winner but check the rest of the results here. Their list isn't quite as lacking as you might think...

And if you ever wanted to know how the black market of identity theft works, read this NYTimes article...

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