Friday, May 13, 2005

Fun with music blogs

Okay, the post-per-week ratio is slowing to a crawl, but I intend to do something about it. Well, maybe I'll only do one thing about it right now, but I do promise ultra-rapid-fire blogging coming to a blog near you. Probably this one.

Anyhoo, boingboing just posted a comprehensive list of audiobloggers, sorted by genre. If you're willing to give some new artists a listen, I'm sure there are some solid gems in there. And in an attempt to draw some comments out of you sloths, you should post the good ones (bands, songs, or blogs) in the comments section. I haven't personally checked out much from here, as I'm still at work, but I may consider an entire mix CD based on artists I've discovered through audiobloggers.

Oh, and if you're a blog-nerd like me, you'll be amused by this, if you haven't seen it yet. Though I would also like it if someone came out with one based on certain "landmarks" from this place...

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