Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Best of Boing Boing

In honor of boingboing.net winning the 2005 Best Group Blog (or something like that), I'm re-hashing a bunch of stuff from there today. It's actually less of an honor thing for them, and more of a lazy thing for me.

If you're like me, you enjoy watching clips of the Daily Show online. If you're not like me, you really should try harder. Anyway, one thing that annoys me about the Comedy Central site is that there are like 600+ clips, and it loads ALL of them onto one page, which can take precious seconds during which I would rather be laughing hysterically. Well, those days are long behind us! With the wonders of intraweb technology, now you can load this page instead, and not wait forever for that other stuff to load. An added benefit: none of those lame commercials beforehand.

Also, if you enjoy cutting letters out and making ransom notes, this is for you! The author of this program also has written lots of other fun tools to keep you occupied for the rest of the afternoon.

Also important things which I will read later: An EFF paper on Digital Rights Management in the Third World, and another discussing the access to information provided by the Federal Depository Library Program.

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