Monday, January 17, 2005

Media reclamation

You'll have to excuse me for writing less and linking more recently, but others can just write so much better than I can! One of my new favorite reads, See the Forest, has an article on getting the progressive blogosphere more visible. Considering how mainstream technology has become, there's really no excuse for not getting progressive blogs more readers. If you come across a really interesting article, go ahead and forward the article to your friends and relatives...most good blogs (and even this one, too!) have an 'email this story' link - use it!

To me, this is especially important because there are many people who use the internet who have no idea where to find interesting stuff to read and instead go to the 'establishment' sources of information (, etc.). Sending people info on actionable items (like JM's Fainthearted Faction or Conscience Caucus) is often more than worthwhile, especially if you give them the hint to do somthing and 'pass it on'.

I know you all have huge email address books (and plenty of friendsters for nerds out there like me) - use them!

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