Friday, December 17, 2004

Tax cuts and deficits

I'll post a bit more on this article later, if I have's about tax cuts and deficits...

This article from TNR is also mostly for my personal reference - quite similar to the last re: Reagan nostalgia...

I haven't really felt much like writing the past couple days, so my (two) adoring fans will have to wait...I promise to do more this weekend.

EDIT: The Economist is suprisingly optimistic about efforts to eradicate poverty in 2005. Again, I don't feel like weighing in on this article at the moment, but you should read it anyway, right?

EDIT #2: Drudge is reporting that Time Magazine is going to name George Bush its Person of the Year. What's he done that was so important again?

A. Lost American jobs
B. Created instability in the Middle East
C. Lined the pockets of his crony capitalist buddies
D. All the above and more...


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