Monday, December 27, 2004

MaxSpeak on Social Security

Max has a good, short internal dialogue between various delusional people regarding Social Security:
GW Bush: We can either have a cavity filled now, or root canal later.
MR: What in the wide world of sports could you be referring to?
GWB: If we start reducing benefits sooner, we will have less need for large adjustments on short notice later.
MR: You mean that the incremental cut in benefits later will be smaller, but only because you have already cut benefits a ton over the preceding twenty years.
GWB: This is an unfunded ten trillion dollar liability.
MR: If that bothers you, why did you sign an unfunded umpty-trillion dollar liability in the form of the Medicare prescription drug benefit? Given the present fiscal position of the Federal government, repealing the drug benefit -- which sucks anyway -- would more than offset the SS "unfunded liability." (sic)
GWB: You're trying to get me to negotiate with myself.
MR: No, I am wishing you had never been born.

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