Thursday, November 04, 2004

Still not-so-happy

Well, I'm still not all-too-thrilled with how the election has turned out, but it's time to write again anyway. uhhh, I guess the good news is that Ashcroft might resign...but what's that mean anyway? He gets appointed to the Supreme Court (not ACTUALLY going to happen, don't worry)? Of course, before he leaves, there are apparently some people who think the Help America Vote Act was designed to HELP AMERICA VOTE, but Ashcroft is making HAVA unenforcable

Oh, and if you've got your tinfoil hat on, you can always check out for updates on how their massive FOIA request is coming along...lots of conspiracy theories swirling about today, as opposed to the conciliatory nonsense that was going on yesterday. And since when did dubya start dropping PoliSci jargon like 'political capital'?

Oh yeah, Atrios had a great idea - give more federal dollars back to the states who pay them in. Of course, the concept is pretty flawed, but interesting nonetheless.

Also, be sure to check out Wired's story on Roundup-ready cocaine.

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