Monday, November 22, 2004

Buy Nothing Day, Kerry v. Nader

As all of you are undoubtedly aware, this coming Friday is, well, the busiest shopping day ever. Or something. But just a friendly reminded that it is also Buy Nothing Day, so instead of flocking to the malls at 8 a.m., you can maybe visit with those relatives that you traveled so far to be with...

I'm never one to spread blame, but I thought that this article, written by Nader-Camejo's press secretary, was particularly informative. Naturally I would've voted for Nader if it looked like Kerry was going to take it in a landslide, but he didn't. Damn. For all the reading I do within (largely) Democratic circles, this article gave me a much clearer picture of how Kerry's campaign should have been run. Somehow, I get the feeling that they're going to ignore Nader in '08, as well.

Oh, and here's an article by the man himself, promoting a new book published by Public Citizen.

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