Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Tort Reform, Veep Debates

I don't usually like to post about something BEFORE it happens, but as I've mentioned before, I hope the issue of tort reform comes up during this debate. It should be interesting to see how these two handle it...click the above link for a short primer into the issue. The last paragraph from this wikipedia entry reads, "The proposals advanced as "tort reform" generally do not address the issues of frivolous suits brought by businesses against competitors or against government regulation, nor do they include frivolous defenses raised in consumer actions." Kinda interesting how frivolous suits between companies would remain legitimate, and corporations could also continue to raise B.S. defenses.

Maybe I'll post more about tort reform later, but first, some bad news: try a Google for "tort reform". If you're too lazy to actually click the link, it's pretty much a list of every pro-reform advocacy group out there, complete with "success stories". And Google is the de facto authority when it comes to internet matters of this sort...wonder if the rankings will have changed by the morning after the debate?

Going into this debate, I have to consider Cheney the favorite, if only because a big deal has been made about Edwards's public-speaking ability. On top of that, I'm willing to bet dollars-to-donuts that Cheney has been studying pretty hard regarding his response to when Edwards drops the eleven-letter "H" bomb (no, 'handbasket' (hell-in-a), is only ten letters). Fortunately, a Google search for Halliburton is far more promising than the afforementioned 'tort reform'...

Hey, I'm still cheering for John tonight...I'm hoping he does well, because veeps don't get quite the exposure during the rest of the election, and he's (hopefully) the left's answer to Dick Cheney.

Who am I fooling? I know I'm going to end up watching the Twins tonight anyway! Santana's totally bringing his A-game...

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