Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Swing state stuff, GM kittens (not for eating), etc.

Indeed, it has been awhile since I've posted...school is going fairly well, but it's definitely keeping me busy. I've read quite a bit of interesting things in scholarly journals, but copyright issues (part of the evils of "intellectual property rights") prevent me from legally posting them. And I would NEVER do anything illegal.

On to the many exciting news stories...

Breaking news from slashdot: When I first saw this, I thought it was a pretty funny joke, poking fun at the "endless possibilities" of bioengineering. As it turns out, this company may actually be legit. You heard it here first, people. Hypoallergenic cats. Reserve yours now starting at $3500. Another blogger was on this back in August.

Here's some a good update on the newspaper endorsement scene: 35 papers have parted ways with their 2000 endorsement, dubya, and are going Kerry. Another 9 that endorsed Bush last time around are mysteriously neutral, while only 5 papers that backed Gore in 2000 now think dubya is the man for the job. Kos has more comments than I ever will.

The more I think about it, the more I wish that all media were required to disclose who they were endorsing for President. I mean, newspaper endorsements aren't all that effective, partly because of declining readership, people already know the orientation of their local paper, etc. Why don't we just force every single local affiliate to pick a side? I mean, isn't it much easier to manipulate people when they don't know they're being manipulated? Right now, a half-hour news program could broadcast some great footage of Bush, some sub-par video of Kerry, and say, "We report, You decide" with a straight face on.

Actually, after re-reading that paragraph, it's a pretty bad idea. Almost as bad of an idea as the poorly-worded, obviously-first-draft-justification behind it. But the best/worst thing about blogging is the lack of an editor. Guess I won't delete it.

Speaking of the media, isn't it a little embarrassing that the BBC has to report on Florida voter scandal news?

More battleground state news: Hopefully y'all know that Nader is off the ballot in Ohio and Pennsylvania, which proves the corruption of the two-party system, or proves that he's not quite as popular as he was in 2000. Here's a quick breakdown of the Big Three (no, not the automakers, but rather, the only states the candidates are allowed to visit anymore).

Oh, and a big shout out to Matty C. for reminding me about Get Your War On, which is still absolutely hilarious. There's a new one out as of yesterday.

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