Saturday, October 09, 2004

Offroad diesel engines!

While there's already plenty of spin out there regarding last night's debate, I found this article particularly good at pointing out the flaws of President Bush. While I don't agree with the author that Kerry was clearly the victor in the last debate, I do agree that most of the things Bush said were really...well, distant from any sort of reality.

Bush screaming "TELL TONY BLAIR WE'RE GOING ALONE" was one definite were the classic chimp smirks and the plethora of lame jokes.

One thing that stuck with me was when one woman asked Bush what his biggest achivements were regarding the environment. I was wondering if Bush could even TALK about the environment for 2 minutes without shooting himself in the foot. After several seconds of uncomfortable silence, the answer revealed: 'I cut emissions on off-road diesel engines!' WHAT??? How many off-road diesel engines are produced every year? Three? Four? Who uses them? That's your MOST IMPORTANT environmental accomplishment?

Okay, so being the enquiring mind that I am, you can find more info here, from dieselnet. I have no idea about the partisanship/agenda of the website, but it appears legit. A quick recap: the EPA signed into law these new 'Tier 4' standards for offroad diesel engines (I found nothing regarding the President's involvement). The new regulations DO cut emissions by 90 percent, as was claimed (exempted are locomotives, marine vessels, and mining equipment). Unfortunately, these standards won't even BEGIN to be phased in until 2008, and they won't be fully applicable until 2015!

Oh, and if you're not reading the post-debate facts from, well, you...ummmm....should.

EDIT: a couple more links - this time slate is looking for some liberal street cred, by calling Kerry a loser, while everyone's favorite Josh Marshall discusses why the chimp can't admit a mistake

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