Friday, October 01, 2004


Of course I had to post SOMETHING about the debates, but I'm not blog-core enough to actually sit down and do it that very night...I figure, wait until the dust settles, and find the best stuff.

As I sauntered into work late this morning, I saw a graphic on CNN that said 53% thought Kerry won the debate, with 37% for Bush. This was several minutes after CNN showed two different promos posing as news stories, one for some animated Disney/Pixar/whatever film, the other for that firefighter movie. I deeply regret my (much) younger days when I held fast to the notion that, "hey, it's a 24-hour NEWS network! It MUST be objective!"

Anyway, you didn't come here to read what *I* have to say, but to read what *I* want you to read...first up is the sometimes amusing James Lileks, who offers his own screeching ramblings to the internet-stew.

Next up, Talking Points Memo has a short piece on the debate that I mostly agree with...I also thought Kerry looked sharper, but that Bush can claim it was a draw because he kept using that "Kerry is, like, *so* indecisive!" line.

I guess my two cents is that Kerry was really able to bring lots of facts to the table, but Bush playing the smarter-than-average politician, taking every question that was asked and turning it into the question he WANTED to be asked. Bush was unable to refute much of Kerry's criticisms, and therefore just ignored them.

Also, Bush ROCKS in the last three seconds of his time...he sees that little red light go on, and says something like, "That's why we need a strong president and I am that strong president and therefore america is going to choose me because I value freedom and I will win every war I get us in." The best part is him emphasizing EVERY syllable, as if we're going to miss some key point in his overly simplistic message...

Okay, here's a link from dailykos that gives a short synopsis of what different conservative bloggers are doesn't sound too positive...

I think this is my longest post EVER, and I've only got a couple links...I'll post more stuff to read later (I think I'm supposed to do work while I'm at work)

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