Wednesday, September 08, 2004

slashdot, F9/11, Diebold,

Well, one thing about my recent online absence is certain: slashdot is desperately trying to get me back online. They've started a new politics section, which has plenty of good info...apparently not everything posted to this section will appear on the main page, so keep an eye open for it.

Two interesting stories from that section include the revelation that Michael Moore won't go after some big award for best documentary, in an attempt to get Farenheit on television. That sounds like good news to me. It makes sense, considering it's already been aired on national TV, by that dictator that everyone hates to love.

Also, the Attorney General of California is suing Diebold for fraud, apparently related to their marketing. This reuters story is a little sparse, so I'll search for a copy of the actual complaint, assuming it's been filed already.

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