Saturday, August 07, 2004

Two months

is a long time for me to go without writing...been too busy...hopefully this blog will help me sort out all the stuff I read every day into one somewhat searchable (for me) mess of online articles.

So what HAVE I been reading? Well, Atrios is still king. The kind folks who took his job while Atrios was resting for the DNC have also started a new blog, called First Draft. It's a bit more rapid-fire, which I like. Hopefully the trolls won't discover it TOO soon.

One of the millions of neglected stories this week involves Miserable Failure (duh!). He got some pretty fancy things from the Saudi Royal Family. He also got (not from the Saudis) 300 pounds of lamb...the next step in Republican fundraising: meat raffle!

Still looking for a non-registered link to The Boss's op-ed in the Times. I thought it was a great piece that articulated the faith that many of us put in President Bush, only to have 2 wars shoved down our collective throat. Hopefully it got picked up by some papers with a wider quote Outkast, "Speeches only reaches those who already know about it, this is how we go about it."

Oh yeah, the controversy appears to finally be over, after finally getting slashdotted.

Here's a short article from Computer World regarding security experts' fears regarding black-box voting.

And Nader fights back, but i'll still probably end up voting for John-John, assuming the Dems can stop screaming about how evil his candidacy is. Remember when we used to talk about issues? Can the Dems actually attack Nader on the issues? We'll probably never find out...

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